Mothership Sets Sail In Southern California

Today, Mothership launches as a unique marketing think tank offering single-source, integrated market research and strategic brand planning services aimed at answering the most fundamental question for our clients: “Why does your brand  exist, and why should anybody care?”
The consultancy utilizes state-of-the-art research methodologies, a proprietary brand building process, and employs the principles of LEAN Process Management.  Clients can now hire one firm that fields and interprets that research, and quickly translates it into strategic insights and recommendations.  Its consultants work along parallel paths to provide guidance in a singular voice.  The benefit to our clients: faster output, richer insights, lower cost with less waste and redundancy.
Mothership brings together three highly seasoned marketing experts as partners:  Joe Sharlip as Brand Strategy Officer, Jay Zaltzman as Market Research Officer, and Michael Blackwell as Market Development officer.  Collectively, they bring over 75 years’ experience grown in Fortune 500 companies and global agencies.  Joe has an MBA in Marketing and won a Gold EFFIE for marketing effectiveness from the AMA.  Jay developed his interviewing skills in the Israeli army and frequently hits the speaker circuit talking about emerging trends in research.  Michael has an impressive record in pharmaceutical marketing and sales, and is a social media wizard.
Based in Palm Springs, California, Mothership targets Fortune 1000 companies, venture capitalists, and agencies that have a passion for branding systematically and viewing their marketing holistically.  In addition to providing our clients with unbiased, research-driven strategic initiatives, we also offer tracking services, creative implementation, and project oversight at the execution level to ensure the ongoing integrity of the brand strategy over time.