How Content Marketing Lifts Your Brand Presence – And Profits

Content marketing is a term we have been hearing more about over the past few years, and it is something you should be doing.  It refers to a tactic that provides valuable information to customers on an ongoing basis in order to ultimately increase sales.

One example of content marketing – this newsletter.  Its goal is to provide useful information to our clients and prospects about marketing topics and Mothership, and at the same time, convey our expertise in marketing strategy and research.  So when our services are needed, it is an easy decision to choose us.

Content marketing is provided through a variety of both online and offline channels such as web pages, videos, podcasts, white papers, books and magazines.  The goal is simple – provide information of value to the target audience.  Today, consumers have a great deal of information readily available to them which contributes to more informed purchase decisions.  The information you provide to consumers about why they should  choose your brand has to be done more effectively than your competitors.

Take Intelligentsia Coffee’s Brew Guides (  The free guides include great photography and detailed instructions about how to brew the perfect cup of coffee, while at the same time, make their customers crave the Intelligentsia brand of coffee.  By providing the target with compelling and visually appealing  information that ties back to the brand, the decision to purchase the coffee-making equipment is accelerated.  And, supporting Intelligentsia’s content marketing is its strong branding presence for its coffee.

Scott Abel, a content marketing expert and producer of Information Development World comments:  “Content marketing requires us to think of our prospects and our customers like a live theatre audience.  Your content should serve to dazzle, inform, and entertain them and leave them wanting more.”    In a recent conversation with Scott, he observed that too many companies jump right into providing content without taking the time upstream to define what the brand really should convey with regard to its key messages and its promise to consumers.  You can’t dazzle unless you have a brand story that dazzles, informs and entertains.

As we mentioned in our previous newsletter on social media, tactics should never be viewed as a surrogate for an overarching brand strategy, key messaging, and brand promise – all supporting a consistent brand experience, category leadership and profitability.  Content marketing adds firepower to a strong, integrated strategic brand communications plan.[jz1]

At Mothership, we have the tools and experience that can help you design the right research and brand strategy – both internally for employees and externally to prospects.  After that, each tactic you employ in support of that strategy will weave together – seamlessly – to tell a compelling brand story.   Contact us at to see how me might be of service to you.