The Irrefutable Truth About Internal Marketing

In Mothership’s first year, we started to aim our focus on internal marketing – also known as internal branding – and came to a few conclusions:  1) it is an important tool for a successful company to have in its marketing toolbox; and, 2) we are passionate about it, and understand the concept and its […]

Using Social Media to Build Beloved Brands

We help clients build beloved brands: brands to which customers feel an emotional connection and that serve a unique purpose in their lives.  Social media can play an important role assisting in the process.  However, it’s important to remember that social media is a tactic that should be used in support of the core brand […]

Do Focus Groups Work?

Sometimes clients wonder if focus groups are an effective way of learning what customers think.  After many (many!) years of conducting all kinds of research, including focus groups and interviews (both in-person and online), ethnographies, mobile research and surveys, we can authoritatively say, yes, traditional focus groups do indeed work! We’ve had clients worry about […]

Necessity is the Mother of Re-Invention

Even beloved brands can lose their luster, and in most cases it can be attributed to one thing – complacency.  A brand sitting on top of its category can start taking success for granted.  It stops innovating, loses its soul by not focusing on cultural strengths, core values, and delivery of the expected ‘brand experience.’  […]

A Rebranding Success Story

A continuing care retirement community felt it needed to fix a broken business model, expand the scope of its non-traditional support and off-campus services, and modernize its image to stay current with trends in marketing to seniors. An all-day Brand Workshop was conducted; the management team dug deep to identify what should stay and what needed to […]

Mothership Sets Sail In Southern California

Today, Mothership launches as a unique marketing think tank offering single-source, integrated market research and strategic brand planning services aimed at answering the most fundamental question for our clients: “Why does your brand  exist, and why should anybody care?” The consultancy utilizes state-of-the-art research methodologies, a proprietary brand building process, and employs the principles of LEAN Process Management. […]