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Brand Planning Philosophy.  Mothership’s strategic branding process gives us the tools to analyze a company’s current marketing condition through primary and secondary research and data analysis, in order to strategically develop brand architecture and position our clients for future growth and financial success.

We dissect every element of your organization and examine it thoroughly to find a common thread that will effectively differentiate your firm from its competitors.  The team works together to set the stage for optimizing the client’s brand architecture, brand positioning, tonality and point of differentiation.  Solid creative, media, online, public relations or non-traditional marketing strategy and execution revolve around a collaborative effort where ideas get generated from a basic blueprint.

Brand Purpose.  Too often, marketing firms conducting branding programs jump right into the naming and logo development phases without asking the most fundamental question:

“Why does our brand  exist, and why should any internal or external audience care?” 

We attempt to answer that question by looking at the most leveragable business attributes of the Brand, and match them with the most emotional attitudes and needs of the target audiences.  We define this relevance overlay as the Brand Purpose Only after asking WHY can we then address five other key phases of strategy and communications development.



Lean Process Management

The main principle of LEAN Process Management is delivering added value more quickly – with less waste and redundancy – in the management of a project.

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Initiating Process. Both the research and strategy officers facilitate an initial client download during a Brand Workshop.  It is attended by key client management personnel from various departments and special interest groups, and is the first step towards cementing the client-consultant relationship. The client team is taken through numerous exercises critical to: 1) setting the direction of due diligence for the consultancy; 2) providing the management team a forum to articulate their current perceptions of the brand’s health, and their vision of what the core values and personification of the brand should be in the future.

Planning Process.  Together, both officers determine what kinds of research will be needed to frame out the client brand strategy and the design of the research begins.  This leads towards a dynamic and robust executing process stage.

Executing Process.  The research officer fields the required research while the strategy officer closely monitors respondent input.  Together they determine if the research objectives are being met, and if any mid-course redirection of the research is needed.  The strategy officer begins to frame the brand strategy as the research is ongoing – fine tuning the articulation of insights and strategic recommendations until the research is concluded.   At that point, an initial strategic recommendation is ready for delivery.

Closing Process.  Together the strategy and research officers deliver the research findings and initial brand strategy recommendations to the client with minimal time lag or redundancy of effort.

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