Mothership is a unique marketing consultancy that offers single-source, integrated research and strategic brand planning services to help guide your company in the marketing of its brand to customers, and to employee brand ambassadors, as well.


Photo used under Creative Commons from Rob Faulkner

Why Mothership?  Too often, marketing firms conducting branding programs jump right into the naming and logo development phases without asking the most fundamental question:

“Why does our brand  exist, and why should anybody care?” 

We frame the answer to that question as the Brand Purpose. Only after answering why a brand serves a unique purpose and resides in a unique place in the consumers life can we address the other key phases of strategy and communications development.

Never forget your employee brand ambassadors may be the most important audience with whom you start your brand marketing. At Mothership, we’re experts in the field of Internal Branding.

How Mothership? We work to determine how to articulate the Brand Purpose to consumers and employees by looking at the most leveragable business attributes of the brand, and match them with the most emotional attitudes and needs of those target audiences.

We start with our proprietary Brand Workshop; then, we validate or refute the assumptions gathered in it by conducting comprehensive market research – with both employee and consumer audiences.

Employing the principles of LEAN Process Management, our consultants work along parallel paths to provide guidance and direction to our clients in a singular voice. Our clients hire one firm that starts the due diligence process, fields and interprets research, and quickly translates it into strategic insights and recommendations.

The benefit to our clients – faster output, richer insights, lower costs, less waste and redundancy.

“Every fleet of ships that sails has a mothership; one ship that knows where the other ships are going, and sets the direction for all of those ships to sail.”
– Gary Zukav

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